How to play Hearts?
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How to play hearts guide
How To Play Hearts Guide

Hearts is a trick-taking game well-known to a great number of people around the world. However, if you are not one of them, we will help you understand not only how to play Hearts, but also – how to win most of the time!
Here you will find all of the most frequently asked questions concerning the game. The information you will find below is an extended how to play Hearts guide. Grab a drink and start reading!

How to play Hearts: Start

To begin with, all you need to play Hearts is a standard 52-card deck and three other players. If you cannot find neither of those two somewhere around you, playing Hearts online is the perfect alternative. If you are wondering how to play Hearts online – you have come to the perfect place! By clicking “Press to play” Button, an online game will start with three other players.

How to play Hearts: Number of people

Hearts is not a team building game. As it was already mentioned above, it is played by four players. During the game they are opponents and each one of them is playing solo.

How to play Hearts: Age Restrictions

Age restrictions are an important part of the how to play Hearts guide. Here there are none, although usually the game is recommended for people above 13 years old. However, this is an online game with an open access. This makes Hearts the perfect virtual card game for people interested in such type of entertainment.

How to play Hearts: Main objective

If you are wondering how to play Hearts and win, here it is! The main objective of the game is to finish as many tricks as possible with the lowest score, so at the end you will have the lowest score among all four players. This is how you become the winner. This is what differs Hearts the most from many other card games.

How to play Hearts: Ranking

The ranking of each suit goes from Two (the lowest) to Ace (the highest). There is no trump suit.

How to play Hearts: Dealing

Dealing is the first pre-step before you start a Hearts game. Every player gets 13 cards in the beginning of the game. All of the four players see their own cards only.

How to play Hearts: Passing

When the cards are dealt, each player has to choose three of the initial 13 cards. These must be “the worst” from the hand and they are passed to an opponent, as follows:

A personal opinion and strategy is highly appreciated when it comes to Passing. Thus, you do not get any hints when choosing the three worst cards in your hand. Passing is the second and final pre-step before the game starts.

How to play Hearts: The Play

The Two of Clubs always makes the opening lead. This means that it must be played first by the person who possesses it. All players must follow the suit, if possible. If this is not possible, a card of any other suit may be played. Each trick is won by the highest of the suit led. The winner of the trick leads the next one. Once the four cards of a trick are collected by the winner, they are automatically placed face down. Keep in mind that if you do not have any of Clubs when the first trick is led, you cannot discard a Queen of Spades or a Heart.

How to play Hearts: Breaking Hearts

Breaking Hearts is an important term in the how to play Hearts guide. It refers to when you are allowed do discard your Hearts. Actually, when you start playing, the game will guide you automatically and help you a lot. If a player cannot follow the suit, there is only one exception which allows discarding a Heart. Feel free to do that in case you do not have any other suits in your hand. If you are the leading player, you can only play with a Heart in case this is the only suit which you possess.

How to play Hearts: Penalty Cards

Penalty Cards is the term which refers to all of the 13 Hearts and the Queen of Spades. If you collect some of them in the end of a trick, they are directly added to your penalty score. The 13 Hearts cards are scored one points each while the Queen of Spades gives you 13 points. Collected together, all of them will add 26 points to your personal score.

How to play Hearts: Shooting the Moon (also known as “The New Moon”)

Despite the low probability, if you happen to collect all of the penalty cards, in the end of the game you get 0 points while all of the other players get 26 points each. This is when you become the winner of the current round.

How to play Hearts: End of the Game

The game ends whenever one of the four players reaches or exceeds 100 points. The winner is the player with the lowest amount of points during the game. In case there are two or more players with equal results and fewest points, the game continues until one of them finally becomes a clear winner.

How to play Hearts: Strategies

If you are still a beginner learning how to play Hearts or in case you already know how to play Hearts but you are trying to get better, make sure to look at some useful winning tactics and strategies which we have collected for you! In addition, feel free to check the short review of the game, which sums up everything which you need to know about how to play Hearts! Do not forget while learning how to play Hearts, to have fun and, most of all – to relax! In case you have any questions concerning the how to play Hearts guide, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on the website!