Have a look at the best strategies for playing the free Hearts game!

Free Hearts Game Tips
Free Hearts Game Strategies

Usually, when you decide to play a game, you have the motivation to learn the rules and win against all of your opponents. Making the decision depends on a number of factors. The questions which often arise are related to having some free time, an interest in the game, the possible need for payment, having someone to play with, etc.

We are here to prove you that the free Hearts game is a time investment which is totally worth it! Scroll down and see which strategies are mostly recommended and have proven as winning tactics!

Free Hearts game: Prepare yourself for the challenge

Make sure to practice the free Hearts game a lot in order to become a master. Like any other card game, every next trick will help you get to know the rules better. Once you stop thinking about which suit to play, you are already ready to start developing your own winning strategy. While doing that, keep an eye on the playing style chosen by the other three free Hearts game players. Don’t forget that your main objective is to keep your overall score as low as possible.

Types of playing styles in a free Hearts game

We highly value your enthusiasm and personal approach towards the free Hearts game. This is why we would like to help you build a best performing strategy. Thus, you can rely on our free Hearts game style guidelines but still find an inspiration and adjust them to your own mindset and style.

There are five types of free Hearts game players.

Being the Low-Layer in a free Hearts game

In the role of the Low-Layer player, you are defensive, extra careful and usually overthinking. Watch out and avoid being too predictable!

You don’t need any Jacks or higher cards in your hand. This is why you need to get rid of them as soon as the game starts. When it comes to suits, avoid mostly the Spades, followed by the Hearts. However, you need to always have low cards to cover the higher ones in your hand. In a free Hearts game voiding a suit must not be your top priority. Of course, if it is possible for you to do that, don’t hesitate! Winning the trick with one of the higher cards is a very common turn of yours only when you are playing last and the trick is about to finish with zero points.

However, if two or even three of the opponents in a free Hearts game are Low-Layers, the victory will come easily in the hands of the Shooter.

Would you like to be the Voider in a free Hearts game?

In the first tricks of the game, being the Voider gives you the benefit of not being able to take the trick. This is how you can easily get rid of the higher cards which you don’t need later in the free Hearts game.

When the game starts, make sure to always pass Clubs to the left and Diamonds to the right. Thus, you will succeed in confusing your opponents and you will be one step ahead of them! Consequently, they are most likely to pass you the right suit which you actually need when their turn comes.

Once the dealing begins, remember not to void the same suit in each round! Try to be adaptive and make fast but reasonable choices. Start to void with Clubs. Diamond can also be a good choice for voiding. These two suits are usually played in the early tricks of a free Hearts game. Then come the Spades, although they can be a bit risky! If you are an experienced player in the free Hearts game, you will never void Spades lower than the Queen. As soon as the Hearts are broken, feel free to get rid of your higher cards!

How to recreate the Equalizer in a free Hearts game?

Choosing the role of the Equalizer in a free Hearts game will make you pass the point cards to your opponents. Maybe you have voided all your Diamonds and Clubs to some of your opponents within the Passing stage or maybe you haven’t. If the answer is no, you will be voiding all Diamonds and Clubs without hesitation as soon as the times comes for dealing.

Your objective in a free Hearts game will be to keep a long suit of Spades. Although you might be a rather passive player, you will surely offense the opponents for the win. Go under whenever you can. Make sure not to pass all the point cards needed to the Shooter so that he won’t take the victory out of your hands!

Play the free Hearts game as the Shooter

To become the Shooter in a free Hearts game is the most risky role of them all. However, in order to succeed, you will need to stay unnoticed. In case any of your opponents recognizes your strategy, you will quickly be sabotaged.

There are three ways to become the Shooter. In the first one, your main objective must be to make a long suit in at least seven tricks. If you have an initial hand full of high cards, you can pass all of the lower ones, especially the low Hearts. The third one is to void the Hearts. Thus, you will have the chance to confuse your opponent to whom you are passing.

Whichever one you choose, it is very important to count the cards. Keep tracking so that you will find the right moment to stop going under and shoot!

Take the role of the Sheriff in a free Hearts game

Playing the second role of the Low-Layer, the Sheriff is defensive and rather passive, without standing out loud. It is very important for every Sheriff in a free Hearts game to have a stopper in his hand. This is a card which stops a long suit. Most often, it also helps the Sheriff to win the trick.

During the dealing in a free Hearts game, look out for the Queen of Spades. In case it is played, you should take the lead on in order to compete with the Shooter. This is the best way to stop him! Meanwhile, keep passing a low heart or a combination of a low and a high card which can be beaten at any suit given. If you recognize the voided suit by the Shooter, play it! This is another way to confuse him and prevent him from winning.

How to win when playing a free Hearts game?

In order to win a free Hearts game that you have started, make sure to choose the best well-developed strategy for yourself. Your experience will teach you many things, it just takes some time. In addition to your personal impressions, there are some universal tips which we hope will help you!

As soon as the game starts, pay attention and try to figure out the strategy of your opponents. Play your highest cards early so that you can get rid of them. In the Passing stage of a free Hearts game pass the 2 of Clubs but never pass low Spades. Otherwise, you may be forced to play the Queen of Spades too early. Always lead with a suit in which you have only one or two cars so that you could create a void early on. Keep the high Hearts and look out for an opportunity to shoot the moon, scoring 26 points. In case you suspect that someone else is trying to do the same, take a risk and stop him!

Free Hearts game strategy: Do this, instead of that

When starting to play a free Hearts game, pass the 2 of Clubs so that you can eventually win the first trick. Don’t pass your last Club and you can play it in the first trick. Keep the Ace of Clubs which can guarantee your leading position in the second trick. During the free Hearts game, try to keep the most of the Spades possible in order to defend the Queen of Spades, if passed to you. In case you happen to have the Queen of Spades, pass it to the left so that it will be played before your turn comes. Keep the Ace of Hearts as a stopper for the Shooter who might be hiding somewhere next to you. In addition, make sure not to pass low Hearts.